The November Challenge

The November Challenge

We've got a big challenge and a small window of opportunity. We've had a generous donor, responding to the client needs of Pregnancy Care Center, step up with a $25,000 matching gift. The catch is we only have 72 hours to maximize this opportunity. Anything our friends give between November 27-29 will be matched up to $25,000!

Would you take 5 minutes and help us reach this goal? Every dollar helps to save a life. Click here to give online today. 

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Tax Credits

With Tax Credits, your gift could cost you half and still be matched. For example, a $1,000 gift turns in to $2,000 and costs you less than $250. Here is more information about our special Pregnancy Resource Missouri Tax Credits.

What Pregnancy Care Center Does

Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) is a non-profit organization that provides vital services to seven counties in Southwest Missouri and is funded totally by the contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches within the community. Since opening in 2000, PCC has served over 237,500 young people with healthy pregnancy and relationship education, at no cost to the individuals served. PCC has delivered crisis intervention and medical services to 13,013 clients facing an unexpected pregnancy. Since we started in 2000 teen pregnancies have declined more than 20%, and abortion rates have decreased by more than 49%.

How Much It Costs

We estimate that on average it takes $600 to support a woman and her child, including the free pregnancy test, ultrasound, education classes, mentoring, and resources after the baby arrives.

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"Every day, the staff of Pregnancy Care Center meets the needs of women and children with caring, sincere, and compassionate services. We have seen the tremendous impact PCC services and programs have made in our community and the positive force PCC has been in southwest Missouri. Fueled by the charitable spirit of friends and neighbors, PCC has been able to transform lives and reverse or lessen the negative impact caused by the problems of child abuse and neglect, teen pregnancies, fatherless families, families in poverty, communicable diseases, low birth-weight babies, school drop-out rate, and domestic violence." – Senator Bob and Amanda Dixon

Make A Donation

There are multiple ways you can get involved and make a difference by donating during this 60 in Sixty window. Click here to give online using our safe and secure eGiving system. You can also deliver or mail a check to Pregnancy Care Center - 1342 E Primrose St., Suite C - Springfield, MO 65804. Checks must be delivered or postmarked by November 29 to be included in the matching challenge. (Please write November Challenge in the memo.)