Community Impact Report

PCC Community

Lives Enriched in the Past 15 Years:

Provided pregnancy and relationship programs serving over 237,500 young people since 2000.

Delivered crisis intervention and medical services to 13,013 new female and male clients.

Empowered 201,135 young people to choose healthy relationships through our partnership with local schools.

Community Impact:

Teen pregnancies have declined more than 20% since 2000.

Abortion rates have decreased by more than 49% since 2000.

Volunteers have invested more than 473,116 service hours, which is valued at over $8.6 million in donations.

Addressing Community Red Flags – Identified Negative Problems for Families

Child Abuse and Neglect

Communicable Diseases

Domestic Violence

Fatherless Families

Families in Poverty

Low Birth-Weight Babies

School Drop-Out Rate

Smoking During Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancies

PCC Programs – Solving Community Problems:

Medical Clinic Services: Pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and medical referrals for early pre-natal care.

Pregnancy and Relationship Education: Health, wellness, and relationship education for those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Expectant Mom Mentoring: Compassionate long-term mentoring to prepare for parenting or adoption.

Healthy Pregnancy/Labor and Birth Classes: Training expectant parents to invest in their pregnancy and prepare them for birth.

Lactation Consulting: Teaching techniques of breastfeeding to clients through one-on-one support.

Family Support Program: Providing support and equipping families facing unplanned pregnancies.

Single Mom Relationships: Coaching single moms to invest in positive relationships and protect their babies.

Fatherhood 3.6.5 Mentoring: Empowering expectant fathers to cope with stress, maintain healthy relationships, and interact in a nurturing and positive manner with their child.

Couple Relationships: Coaching couples to invest in their relationship to benefit their children.