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Lisa McIntire PCC CEO
At my first Pregnancy Care Center Banquet as CEO a year ago, I was a stranger to most of you. But a year flies by!  And at my second PCC Banquet, I felt as if I was among friends.  Friends with a shared purpose, with arms linked and hearts connected as we carry out this wonderful work of saving lives and strengthening families right here in our community. If I had to summarize my first year as CEO in only one word, I would choose "learning". The learning will... + read more
PCC Banquet 2017 Recap
Pregnancy Care Center’s Annual Banquet was an incredible event with more than 1,000 people joining us to celebrate PCC’s 17 years of Loving Life! It was a wonderful night celebrating the more than 10,000 babies born to PCC clients in the past 17 years. We are so grateful for your partnership that makes that possible! If you were unable to attend the banquet you can still partner with PCC to provide hope, life, and help. Just $50 a month provides a family with all PCC... + read more
Springfield Pregnancy Care Center
Have you ever had something about you that you wish everyone actually understood? And if people only knew (fill in the blank), then their entire perspective about you would change.     That’s often how we feel at Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) when we try to convey all the services we provide. Community leaders that tour PCC often remark at the end of the tour that we must be Springfield’s best kept secret. That is a great compliment and extremely frustrating at the same... + read more
Sanctity of Human Life
On January 13, 1984, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22nd of that year, the 11th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day.  In the ensuing years, some presidents have renewed that proclamation; some have not.  But regardless of the presence - or lack of - political support, we in the pro-life community continue to set aside January 22nd and in fact, the entire month of January, to honor the sanctity of human life. I... + read more
Pregnancy Care Center Weather Closure Policy
PCC Weather Closure Policy Please remember that when Springfield Public Schools are closed due to weather, that the center is also closed. Please stay safe on these inclement weather days. Clients can still call 417-877-0800 to schedule an appointment for a future date.  


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